Trip to Brighton

It’s already 3 months that I’ve been living in London! Time was flying but looking back at what I have been doing the last 3 months I have to admit that it wasn’t that much. It was mostly working, eating, sleeping and sports.
Well, and a lot of leaving drinks and partying to be honest. I’ve been out quite a lot what really helped me to feel more comfortable in London. I met people and just enjoyed myself. Especially my colleagues from work helped me a lot to feel better here because they are simply great!

Work is an up and down but in general alright. The weird greek guy that was living with me turned out to be a real psycho but luckily he moved out already. Apart from that there is not really that much to talk about.
I experienced a lot of funny things and have been in hilarious situations while I was out. London really develops some kind of character for me, it shows its face, not always good but mostly!

I even have some pictures I can share with you this time. For the long Easter weekend I decided to go to Brighton. The first time I leave London since I am here. I enjoyed it a lot, especially because I was so lucky with the weather, at least on one day. I could sit at the beach without any jacket. It was definitely a change to London and a good break.
The only bad thing about this trip was the hostel I stayed in. I couldn’t really affort anything more expensive and so I ended up in a really noisy and slightly dirty place and had to deal with drunk people being loud in the middle of the night and thiefs stealing money out of pockets. Anyway, I am glad I was able to see another city of the UK.

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My current life in London: an overview

Icon_WorkCompany: Macmillan Education (since May 2015 it belongs to Springer Nature)
Role: Digital Producer
Description: The title is a bit misleading because I am actually not the one producing anything. I am doing the digital project management, so I am supervising the process of creating a digital product out of an already existing printed book. We are mostly working with English language teaching books and the applications which are our end products can be used by teachers, students or pupils for teaching or learning online. I am mostly checking files and communicating with the different parties that are involved in the production process.


Icon_ColleagesWe are a team of 11 people, not all of them working as digital producers but still part of the Digital Operations team. I feel really comfortable with these people; they are all quite relaxed and very helpful. Each of them has his or her own story and we are all brought together from different countries. Going out for a drink with them is definitely fun and you meet a bunch more people that are working somewhere with us as well.


Icon_HomeThe corner town house I am living in is close to my work place and just around the corner is the Emirates Stadium. Holloway Road is just 3 minutes walk away with lots of shops, restaurants and pubs as well as public transport connections. My room is on the top floor, spacious with quite a lot of storage room and a double bed. There is a small nice bathroom opposite to my room a bigger one with bathtub downstairs and we have a lovely big kitchen.


Icon_HousematesI am living with 3 guys, one British, one Polish and the other one Greek I guess. Two of them are nice and really sociable. They are up for having a drink and a chat in the kitchen while the third one seems to be socially handicapped. I don’t want to wrong him; maybe he will turn out to be a really nice and outgoing guy. I have to admit that I was hoping for a girl moving in in the last room but so far I am alright with living with the guys.


Icon_Social lifeI wouldn’t really say that I have a social life so far. I still barely know anybody and because of financial reasons I couldn’t go out that much yet. Anyway, who I go out with from time to time is Alexandra, a German who is working in London for quite some time now and who is also one of the former Crest interns. That’s how we got in contact. Apart from that I am trying to meet people somewhere, are checking out events and places I could go to. I am also planning to go to some fitness classes, I already have the vouchers. And with my first salary I might be able to go out a bit more and meet people there.


Icon_CityI’ve seen some places already: Tower Bridge, London Eye, Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace and the park around it, the corner of Hyde Park, Finsbury Park, Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square. However, I haven’t realised yet in which fancy city I am living in and I am not even close to using all the opportunities I have here. It will still take some time until I “reach” here and can appreciate this city as it deserves it.


Icon_FeelingsIt’s a cocktail of different feelings. On one side it’s excitement to see new things, make other experiences and to meet new people. On the other side it’s loneliness and frustration, even tiredness sometimes because I am forced to start over again, beginning at zero all by myself, mind you that I chose this myself. I could even add aggressiveness to the list. I already knew I was aggressive sometimes but in London it even reaches a higher level. India taught me to have much more patience and just to let go instead of being angry about things I can’t change and that are just not worth it to let them ruin my day. And actually, one should think India is a good preparation for being in a crowded place but arrived in London, the city and the people drive me fucking mad! Million people trying to get on the tube in the peak hours, not paying any attention to the people around them, people stopping in the way, on stairs or blocking escalators. It gives the impression of people that don’t have any clue how to live with so many other people around them. Adjustment failed.

Well, back to the topic: Another feeling I have is some kind of emptiness, a disability to take in all the impressions and putting them together to one image, going along with not really understanding where I am and that I am living here now. I don’t have any feeling for this city yet, it’s empty. The things I am seeing and experiencing are staying on the outside and don’t reach me.

My conclusion is that I may just need some more time. Things need to go there way and I need at least a bit like a routine to really have a feeling for all of this and to understand it.

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First impressions

I have been to London for 3 weeks now. Here are my impressions so far. More pictures will follow as well as more details about living here and about my job.

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Thoughts, doubts and hope

I look outside to a quite unknown street. It’s grey, drizzling a bit but not cold. I walk along the street, seeing red double-deck busses, red telephone boxes and I go downstairs next to a sign that says „Underground“. You might already have guessed it: I am in London. I woke up that Sunday morning and found myself in the capital of England. But let’s begin from the start and take a look back.

India is almost two months ago already. I still think of the amazing people I met there, my friends, the weather and the sun, the food, especially the fruits and the juices. I miss it, even the somehow stressful part like the crazy and noisy traffic, the crowded streets and bargain with rickshaw drivers because afterwards you could enjoy the ride which is so tipical India. When I left, all the excitement was suddenly gone and I saw myself confronted to go back in a life which was not really mine anymore. I knew it would not be for long because I already had plans concerning my job search. Anyway, it turned out that I needed more patience than expected and that I would have to deal with some kind of frustration. And however, if I look back now I notice that it hasn’t actually taken that long, my expectation was just another one.

Well, so I was looking for a job, even considered to go back to India but in the end it seemed like India didn’t want me back. At least, I never got a reply. What was asking for me instead, was London. I didn’t really care exactely where to go as long as I would be able to start a nice life but now I am definitely asking myself if I would rather have liked to go back to India than going to London where I – no kidding – never have been before, not even for a short visit.

First, let me tell you a bit about my start in London. I can’t remember the last time I had such a tough time. I already felt like giving up and going back, after 3 days! It felt like so many obstructions have been put in my way. Opening a bank account in the UK seems to be an impossible challenge and actually what is always on my mind since I arrived here: money. I am calculating and thinking about money almost every minute. I knew it would be expensive but after, luckily, finding a place and really having to spent a fortune for rent and deposit, not to forget the ticket you need for transport and the expenses you have for food etc. I definitely got desperate and freaked out for a short time. I need a lot of money to earn money. Does that make any sense?! I am just hoping that the right things will be at the right place at the right time. Then, everything will work out just fine. Until then I will be a restless and stressed out person, completely tired out due to a too small couch, which is, anyway happily, offered to me by a nice person until I can finally move to my own place.

Even though I am quite busy organising things I still have thoughts on my mind about this whole situation here. Was it the right decision to come here? Did I really choose a good place too stay? I haven’t even started working yet, but will it be alright? Will I like it? Will I be doing a good job? Will I at some point have a social life? Friends to go out with?

I guess these are quite normal thoughts and doubts someone has on his or her mind when starting new at a different place. You always come to that point when you want to give up, when you feel broken, upset, frustrated or just not good enough for anything and as if things are overwhelming you in a way that you won’t be able to handle it. But this actually is not related to a specific place. I’ve been to some places, having good times, bad times, really bad times but also really good times. It’s an up and down for which it doesn’t matter in which place you are. In the end it’s your own effort, it’s what you make out of it. So, would it have been better, less stressful, easier to go back to India? I don’t really think so. I know that I definitely like it but this is not a garanty for having a good time all through. Thoughts and doubts appear anyway and as I wouldn’t have gone back to the old life I had there I would have had almost the same problems I have to deal with in London.

There are definitely places where you like to be more than others and that obviously influences your mood and how you feel. Nevertheless, fact is that you have good times as well as bad times anywhere you go. It’s mostly the question about ourselves that causes doubts. Who am I and what characterizes me? What do I want to achieve? You can find these answers anywhere. For sure, it helps when put yourself in different situations to find out what kind of person you are. What I am specifically thinking of right now is something that somebody once said to me: „People say they come to India to find themselves but I think, if you can’t find yourself anywhere else you won’t find yourself in India“. I think that person is right. Traveling helps you to find out what person you are but I don’t think it’s a specific and just this place that makes you find yourself.

Well, getting back to the topic. I am in London and will start work on Monday. Also on Monday, I will move to my new place. Things already turn out to go the right way. Soon, I will post some pictures, when I have more time to just enjoy the city I am living in now.

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It’s been some time again since the last post and the Dengue news. And while I am writing this post now, I am already sitting in my old room at my parents‘ place in Salzgitter. I left India!

The weeks between Dengue and the leave of the rest of Batch 18 were very busy and quite emotional. Last things had to be done, last souvenirs to be bought, time to be spend with the great people we were working and living with. It hasn’t been easy to say goodbye, not at all. But in the end we had to and so, on 14th November, the last 5 people of Batch 18 took their plane to return to Germany.

We celebrated a nice farewell party, got rid of perceived more than the half of our stuff, mostly clothes and cosmetics, and received a lot of new nice things as farewell gifts. I was thinking about that moment, this day on which we would have to leave, for quite some time wherefore I almost had a pre-farewell mood in the last weeks. Nevertheless, you can never really be prepared for a farewell. When you have to say goodbye to people that became really close friends over 9 months, without knowing when you will meet them again, it will be tough and you can’t imagine this feeling until you really feel it.

I look back on 9 months of excitement, fun, friendship and great experiences on professional as well as on personal level. I definitely miss it. I miss India. I miss the people, my Indian friends and my Batch-friends. I miss Laburnum and the flat and I even miss the work I was doing at Crest. It feels like I lost my life and now I have to start something new again, kind of out of nothing. What stays are sweet memories and the desire to see all that awesome people again sometime. But I know, that even if I would go back now, I couldn’t get back the time I spent there. Things would be different which is normal and also ok. Some things end, others begin. This is life and we always become victims of its impermanence. The more import thing is, to deal with it.

Well, my current situation is the same than before India: I have to look for a job. I am quite confident that it won’t take too long until I find something even though things are not really going my way at the moment. But what India taught me is patience. At least for now, I will try to be patient and hope the best. I’ve just been to Germany for 6 days by now. So right now, there is no need to rush.

Of course, I will also share some pictures of the last weeks with you. I spent a nice long weekend in Chennai and Pondicherry, there was the Idian holiday Diwali before we left and we also took some random pics while enjoying the last time in India.



Flea market at Raga Lawns

Breakfast at Pink Butter


Last picture with Ashwini

2015-11-21 15.13.54

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„Stuck in paradise (Inn)“ or „When Dengue happened“

In the last post, I already said that this was not the end of our holidays. Here is the continuation…

It was the day after the night on the house boat. We got nice breakfast but I just didn’t feel like eating and went to bed for another half an hour before we had to go back. But even after having some more sleep it was not better. We went back to the Paradise Inn to Antony – the host of this guest house and also owner of the house boat we stayed on – and spent some more hours there with the plan to decide later if we would already leave to Varkala. I slept another 2 or 3 hours not really feeling better afterwards. So, we stayed another night in Alleppey.

The next day, it was still not better: No appetite, weakness and body pain. Antony and Simon advised me to go to the hospital which was close by. I took the advice and went to see a doctor. I was not even able to fill out the form they gave me while I was standing as my back was paining that much. The doctor examined me and said it was some kind of viral disease. They took my blood and put me on a drip. Then I was laying there for almost 3 hours, people running around, singing and not telling me what was going on. Finally, Simon came to me and aksed if someone had talked to me. Then it was him, who eventually told me that they tested me positively on Dengue.

Well, I had Dengue fever and they advised me not to leave the hospital as it would get even worse. So, I had to stay in a hospital in Alleppey which is not like the hospital I was used to. Simon had to stay with me the whole time to take care of me: to get me food, water and the medicine I needed. These people were just there to give me medicine and injections and to take my blood twice a day. All the time someone was coming in, sometimes just to look at me and leave again. The bed was quite unconfortable and as the doctor already said the second day I was in hospital it got even worse. I was just laying on my bed, not able to move, everything was hurting, I got a so called „rush“ on my skin and I was simply vegetating. They gave me loads of medicine and injections and it still didn’t get better… until the next day.

I was laying in hospital from Friday to Monday. Then they stopped their injections and I was allowed to leave but not for taking a flight back to Pune but to rest somewhere. I had already missed my booked flight and actually I would have had to go to work again by Monday. Well, what happened was that Antony offered me to stay in his guest house as long as it takes to get recovered and to be able to take a flight. So I spent the next days in the Paradise Inn, taking rest without really being allowed to do anything. There are definitely worse places to be „trapped“ in. Simon had to leave by Tuesday morning to go back to Germany, I still had to rest and Antony got into the role of the caretaker. He brought me food and water, went to the hospital with me again to have another blood check and got my medicine for me. I was quite lucky under the circumstances. In the end, I stayed from Monday to Friday because my blood was still not ok after another check and they told me to still take some rest.

Since Friday afternoon, I am back in Pune. I feel better and I had another blood check with good results. This was not exactly how I imagined my holidays.  I spent so much time in India, being spared from all these things and suddenly, after almost 8 months, a stupid black and white striped mosquito bit and infected me. Well, at least I am fine and I was lucky to meet someone like Antony who was there to take care.

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In the last three weeks there has been kind of a lot going on. My friend Simon – many people should remember him because I was traveling with him through New Zealand and he was also one of the people who posted on this blog – visited me here in India and we went traveling a bit.

After a bumpy start with some wrongly booked flights we could finally start our travel. First destination: Jaipur. We had a great sightseeing tour and already bought lots of souvenirs in the pink city. Furthermore, we satyed in a really nice hostel/hotel with a small pool.

From Jaipur we flew to Delhi where we had a sightseeing tour as well. We just wanted to see some particular sights which, in the end, were different ones than we had chosen before but anyway it was a great tour.

On one of the days we spent in Delhi, we took a train to Agra. It would have been too bad to be in India for such a long time and not to see the Taj Mahal. We had to wake up really early and I already noticed that I am not so well. I had fever and a really bad back pain. However, we got on that train, of course, and spent the day in Agra which was definitely worth it.

The next day, I already felt better and we took our next plane to Bangelore where we just spent one night to go to Kochi in the morning.

After just some hours in Kochi we already left there and took a bus to Alleppey. There we checked in in Paradise Inn and arranged a house boat for the next day. The trip was awesome. First, we did some canoeing on the backwaters and even in the small channels in the villages, then we had lunch on the beautiful boat and afterwards we did some kayaking before we could enjoy the evening and night on the boat.

Well, this is not the complete ending of this holiday but how it went on will be another blog post.

To be continued…

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First, I owe you some pictures of my birthday. I went to first shift on that day and after work had a nice „coffee and cake“ session with my lovely colleagues. In the evening I went for a delicious dinner with my batchies. This picture was already posted in the last post.

Crest’s Annual Party

People got crazy in the last weeks before the big Annual Party. There were auditions for dancing and singing and a lot of practice for that as well. The interns always have to learn a dance for that occasion. Old and new interns did it together. You can see the video of the performance below:

I was kind of motivated and nominated for singing as well. In the beginning it was kind of tough because it turned out that the group would perform a medley of Hindi songs which I all didn’t know at that time. Not to forget that I can’t really speak and understand this language. Here also a video of the final performance at the party:

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A premature résumé

I have been in India for 6 months and 28 days now. What I have been experiencing during that time was funny, crazy, weird, amazing, astonishing and incredible at the same time. Every day it’s like opening another surprise bag, you never know what the day will be like in a country like India.

Before I started this adventure I made the decision to stay here for 9 months instead of 6, independent of all the people that would come with me, just listening to my own feeling that wanted me to stay abroad for as long as possible. Of course, independent of people that I just met once for two days but while you are put in this situation – living and working in a different country, facing problems that you have never been confronted with before, sharing flats and living quite close together – it makes you stick together in a way that makes it hard for you to allow changes and to let go.

I never thought about this time after the first interns would have left, I didn’t even imagine how the situation would be after the first months. What happened was that we became a family. We spent a great time together, went on trips, enjoyed long evenings on the balcony, celebrated intensive and loud parties and of course there was work, on one side kind of challenging and interesting and on the other side also kind of a routine after a while and sometimes annoying.

Time was running. I felt like the new intern for 6 months, until suddenly the new interns came and half of the old ones were already gone. This might have been the first time that I realized how much time I spent here. There wasn’t even the chance to really prepare for saying goodbye. People were suddenly taken out of this Indian dream sooner than planned. Flats had to be changed and then you take a look around and realize that there is not much left. The people you were hanging out with are not there anymore and suddenly you feel in a situation to rearrange your daily procedure. It definitely makes you feel lonely sometimes, what is kind of weird in a country that has heaps of people and where you are literally never alone.

I guess the hardest part of this change is that it marks the end of an era. The era of Batch 18. Sure, I will see these people again but I can’t get back the times we had together. It will never again be the way it has been. What stays are memories, invaluable memories! And at the beginning it might seem hard to let go of these great times and just to be grateful that you could spend them with these people. I have already been at the point when I wished to leave India because work pretty much stays the same and so in the end for my future it wouldn’t really make a difference if it says 9 or 6 months internship in India on my CV.

On the other side, there are just 2 more months to go, a time that will pass by as quickly as the 7 months already did. And I am still glad to have at least some time to make a plan for the time after India. Not to forget all the great people I met here and that I also couldn’t just say goodbye to now. And anyway, it’s better to welcome new things and to enjoy than to regret bygone times. New things have already started and so we could welcome Batch 19 which is a bunch of really nice and funny people you can definitely have great times with as well.

I am already kind of in a pre-farewell mood, my body is even confused about seasons and was asking for autumn the other day when I looked out the window and saw a grey sky. It might really be time for me to leave but for now I try to enjoy the last weeks as much as possible because really saying goodbye in the end will be damn hard.

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About friendship, a wedding and changes

A short summary of the last weeks:

Friendship day with my lovely Indian colleagues.

Indian Girls

The wedding of one of my best friends in Germany. I spent almost one week there. It was kind of weird to be back but actually I didn’t even have time to really arrive there. Anyway, I pretty much enjoyed the wedding and seeing my family and friends.


The sad part of the last weeks:

The last 6-month interns left. I had to move out of flat B202, I live in H101 now, with Isabell and Leaticia and Isabell will leave soon as well.


Farewell dinner for Vicky and Tom at Malaka Spice. Eva, Britta and Thomas had already left at that point.

Things change, of course. Some of them are good, others maybe not that good but in the end it’s just about dealing with it and adapting to new situations. Let’s see how that goes.

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